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Motorcycle FAQ's rider training

FAQ's rider training

What do I need to bring with me for a CBT

You will need of your driving licence photo ID.

You will need to wear a motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, heavyweight trousers and stout shoes or boots with ankle protection.

If you are bringing your own bike it must be taxed, insured, an MOT, be roadworthy and have L plates (full size) front and rear.

What licence do I need to do motorcycle training

You need a provisional or full UK licence with category 'A' for motorcycles or category 'P' for mopeds.

How long does the CBT certificate last

The CBT certificate is valid for 2 years. If you have not taken a ministry test before the end of this period you will need to do another CBT before you can ride on the road.

How old must I be to do a Direct Access course

You need to be 21 or over, however you can do a Restricted Access (125) course from 17 years.

What is the difference between the 'Restricted Access' and the 'Direct Access courses'

A Restricted Access course and test allows you to ride any bike restricted to 33bhp. A Direct Access course and test will allow you to ride any bike.

Once I've passed my CBT can I ride on the motorways

No. As per car drivers you are not allowed on the motorways until you have passed your full test with the DVSA.

Can I take a pillion passenger once I've passed my CBT

No. You must take the full test.

I took my CBT on an automatic scooter. Can I ride a motorcycle with clutch and gears

Yes, provided you comply with the age and engine size/power restrictions. The CBT is normally valid for either type of transmission.

Does everyone get through first time

Most people (approximately 85 - 90%) do get through the CBT course at the first attempt.

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